5 Key Steps to Self-Healing


1. Protection

We become affected by the energies around us on a daily basis. Have you ever felt tension in the air before you walk into a room or drained after a phone call with a friend who thrives on gossip or drama? Those of us who are especially sensitive to energy are known as empaths. It is important to protect yourself regularly from negative energy. You can imagine a shield across your solar plexus (chest area) or see yourself surrounded by a bubble of white light. Call upon Archangel Michael to protect you and ask him to bring down his golden dome of protection over your house, room or immediate space.

2. Grounding 

Quite often those who are sensitive become ungrounded as there is too much going on in their mind and the upper chakras become unbalanced. To ground or earth yourself, walk barefoot on grass or earth. You can meditate regularly by visualising roots emerging from the bottom of your feet and burrowing deep down into the earth’s core. The roots anchor on a ruby red rock or crystal. Inhale the earth’s (Mother Gaia’s) healing energy.

3.  Practice Forgiveness 

“Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the only one who gets burned”. Buddha

Most great spiritual teachers speak about the healing power of forgiveness, but it is not easy to do in practice. By holding onto anger, you will only hurt yourself. Picture the person who has angered you in your mind’s eye, put your ego to one side and send light and love to the situation and to your and their higher self. You can ask Archangel Zadkiel to help you. Archangel Zadkiel can help you feel mercy and compassion towards yourself and others. This may become a life-long process but you will feel a great burden release in the process.

4.  Self-Love 

The most important relationship you you will ever have is with yourself. You are a unique being and there is no need to become anything else. You are here for a reason. Talk to yourself as if you are your best friend and watch how your strength and confidence grows. Use positive affirmations, such as “even though I have this/these (insert your own problem i.e. headaches, low self-esteem etc) I deeply and completely accept myself.” Write a gratitude journal. Show appreciation for everything you already have and see your abundance and prosperity grow in magnitude. Forgive yourself for your mistakes and move one quickly. Healing is not linear. We are spiritual beings experiencing the human existence.

5.  Let Go of the Past

Cut ties with a painful past. This includes past lives and ancestral ties. You can call upon the Ascended Master St. Germain and the Violet Flame. This is a Divine gift and tool for everyone. Its action is to transmute dense feelings, actions, deed, karma etc into a higher vibrational frequency, which helps to prepare us for our Ascension.


Angelic Reiki Healing Sessions

To find out more about healing contact me for an Angelic Reiki session. Angelic Reiki is a profound, very high frequency, multidimensional system of healing. It is believed to be one of the highest and purest forms of healing currently available at this time. Angelic Reiki works with the highest energies of the Angelic Realm to bring about healing and balance on all levels.