Bespoke Healing & Coaching sessions

60/90 mins £80/£105

These will include one or more of the following in each session after consultation with you:

*Cutting the cords to the negative past - past life healing with the Angels. This is different from Past Life Regression and involves me invoking the Angels and higher beings of Light for a powerful cord cutting session.

* Ancestral healing - mother and father line. Cutting the cords that bind from negative trauma or experiences that have remained in your DNA and energy field from your ancestral line. It is time to break free from what is holding you back.

* Womb healing meditations. Helping you to connect to your SHE power. Empowering fertility and conscious conception.

*Angelic Life Coaching with the Law of Atttraction. A powerful visualisation with the Angels to help you call in the life you want to live now and co create with the universe.

If you are suffering with a chronic health issue or repeated pattern of behaviour that you cannot shift, chances are its roots lie in a past life or ancestral issue.

When a client comes to me for healing, I will sense, feel and read their energy. I am given impressions either through visions/images, clairvoyance or I will hear words clairaudiently. I also have a sense of strong psychic knowing called claircognisance.

Let's say, for example, someone has a persistent issue with sore throats. This may have manifested on a cellular level, once it has filtered through the layers of the aura (human energy field).

It is not uncommon that physical issues such as these stem from a traumatic past life experience.

Healing, past life regression and cutting energetic cords with the assistance of the Angels is profoundly freeing. Leave the past behind, clear your energy field of karmic imbalance and blocks and free your soul from these confines. We all wish to experience greater health and wellbeing - mind, body and spirit. We have the gift of life and the means to connect to the spiritual dimensions, of which we are a part of to receive healing and empowerment on all levels in this life now.

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