Blessed Solstice Greetings

Blessed Solstice Greetings to you all. This is the darkest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a time to go within, be still, reflect and renew.

Many feel that 2016 has been a difficult year. In numerology it is classified as a 9 year, a year of endings, of release. This has been a pervasive theme on a global level. Tuning into this as an empath can be overwhelming and this may resonate with many of you. I believe that it is vital at this time to elevate yourself from the pervasive fear and anxiety that is spread by the media. Shine your individual light and you will raise your vibration and that of collective consciousness.

I am so grateful to do the work that I feel called to do as Holistic Therapist and Healer. Many believe that we are entering a Golden Age. The reason why we are seeing so much turmoil and unrest globally is not because it a new thing, it has always been there, but so much is now releasing, we are noticing it more. 2017 is a 1 year , a year of new beginnings and this brings hope.

Right now, there is a rising of Divine feminine energy on this planet. I feel hugely influenced by this. These were the times that we were made for. As women, it is vital that we remember this. Listen to ancient wisdom, to the call of your soul. Take time to rest when you need to, to fall into sync with the seasons and honour your body and your cycles.

I feel passionately about the importance of women’s health and wellbeing. I love offering massage, reflexology and Angelic Reiki healing for all phases of a woman’s journey – fertility, pregnancy, postnatal, menopause and beyond.

In patriarchal society, we are taught to strive in a linear fashion. We need to make time for ‘being’ as much as ‘doing’. Take time to find your inner peace and re-discover what it feels like to simply ‘be you’.

May your light be illuminated from within. Always.