Angel Card Reading £44

I offer a Psychic Angel Card reading. You can choose to receive a general life overview or a single question.

I will include channelled information, such as names of crystals and natural remedies that will assist you on your life journey as well as positive messages from the Angels and spirit world.

Angels are divine beings that surround us and can help to heal all areas of your life. They are always around us, but they like to be asked for help.

Angels always come from a place of love, so there are no negative cards in the deck.

An angel card reading will help you to receive positive guidance and comfort from your angels, regarding a dilemma or area in your life that may be troubling you.

As well as Angels, I work with card decks that contain Ascended Masters, spiritual deities and higher beings from many world traditions.

I will also send you distance Angelic Reiki healing as healing can travel through time and space with no barriers.

Let the love and light from the Angelic Kingdom be here to guide you!

You can purchase this from my Gift Vouchers page or email me to book it and pay via This is done by distance and you will receive your reading via email.


'The reading was wonderful. It’s provided comfort to know I can call on the angels at any time and I’ve been doing so.

The digestive advice was amazing! Completely right and I’ve followed up by buying and taking aloe Vera and b vitamins- thank you!

I think it’s ultimately cemented my beliefs. It’s also allowed me to sink in to the work I do more and not question myself- it’s brought a sense of calm as I feel supported.

Thank you so so much. I always sensed you were fantastic at what you do but you truly are like an angel on earth'