Fertility Massage Therapy

I qualified in Fertility Massage Therapy in 2017. I trained with the wonderful Clare Blake and her team of teachers. Clare Blake is a pioneer in the field of natural fertility.

I was drawn to working with women who are trying to conceive and hold immense empathy with those who are on this journey. It is truly a soul calling.

On a physical level, this treatment may help to increase blood supply to the lower back, abdomen and womb. The massage may help to release any tension, soothe any inflammation and help break down any debris. The whole torso is massaged to enhance optimal health and  well-being.

The beauty of  the treatment is the synthesis of mind, body and spirit. It is an invitation to re-connect to your own body’s infinite wisdom on a soul level. To listen to the whispers of your heart and your womb .

With infertility, raw emotions are often very close to the surface. It is a privilege to hold a safe space for the women who join me as clients to share their personal stories. Most often these emotions need to be heard and released in order to heal. Tears may surface. Each woman is unique in the way that she feels comfortable to share and this is respected.

It is a unique nurturing experience of healing touch through massage of the sacrum, coccyx, abdomen and womb. The session may also include reflexology, Reiki healing and crystal therapy.

This experience can take you back to the feeling of being safely cocooned in your mother’s womb. We are connecting to the precious cycle of life and we are calling upon your ancestors. We will call upon your baby’s soul.

I also offer a Well-Woman Massage, for those who may not be trying to conceive, but who wish to heal menstrual pain, PMS, digestive discomfort or uncomfortable menopausal symptoms.

Contact me to book in for a consultation and treatment. I look forward to working with you.