Heal Headaches Naturally


Healing headaches naturally is a subject I feel passionately about. I have suffered with headaches most of my adult life. It was the pain I experienced in my late twenties, that made me re-consider my office-based career at the time, and decide to learn the healing art of massage therapy, so that I could help others too.  I remember thinking that there must be more to life, than this cycle of chronic pain.

By taking over the counter or prescribed painkillers, we are only masking the symptoms and not addressing the root cause of our dis-ease. For me, I discovered that I suffer with a congenital condition, a mild brain malformation. There is nothing I can do to change this structurally without undergoing surgery, but thankfully my condition is only mild, and I have a great deal of control over my lifestyle choices.

I have seen many female clients over the years to help with debilitating headaches.  Chronic pain can seriously affect our quality of life, if we do not address the root cause.

Each person’s headache is unique and thus requires a unique combination of treatment methods. We will do a full consultation to try and ascertain the cause, and then I will use my intuitive skills to come up with the best plan for you. This may be a mixture of body work, reflexology, flower remedies and/or crystal healing. I may also refer you to a naturopath or herbologist.

There can be a variety or combination of different reasons for chronic headaches. Muscle tension in the back, shoulders, neck and head can be relieved by Holistic Massage or Indian Head Massage and I will often combine this with some reflexology too. I can work on clearing and balancing the entire system with reflexology.

I have noticed that is quite common for my female clients who suffer with hormonal imbalance, such as PMS, painful periods perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms, to complain of migraines. There is a big oestrogen connection. Migraines correlate with declining oestrodiol (a form of oestrogen) which occurs during menstruation and menopause. When oestrogen drops, levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin do too. Serotonin influences mood and regulates blood vessel dilation and constriction, which is the cause of inflammation and pain.

I recommend increasing phytoestrogens in food and phytoestrogenic herbal remedies such as red clover, black cohosh and chasteberry along with B vitamins and magnesium. For emotional balance, I recommend Bach flower remedies. These natural plant and flower essences don’t treat physical complaints directly. Instead they help by treating the negative emotional states that can provoke or worsen illnesses.

Crystals are also incredible at healing headaches. Crystals such as hematite, blue lace agate, citrine, lapis lazuli, selenite, amethyst and clear quartz all include healing properties to remove pain from the body. You can place any of these on the centre of your forehead to help promote the smooth flow of energy.

If you are suffering with headaches or migraines, do not despair. Contact me for a free telephone consultation.