Intuitive Reading for Radiant Health & Wellbeing


This will be done remotely and you will receive an email with your reading once you have contacted me to book it and within 24-48 hours.
Receive unique guidance and ways to empower your energy for radiant health and wellbeing. Unlock your secret laws of power!
I will tune in and connect to your energy field to see where there may be blocks. I will channel unique information and guidance regarding your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The state of your mind and the state of your health are inextricably connected.
Receive your completely holistic, personalised reading as follows –
Chakras – which of your chakras are unbalanced and why. Ways to balance these.
Your entire energy field is more than just your chakras. Healing can occur on a deep cellular level. I will psychically scan any blocks in your energy field/aura and provide you with my impressions and ways to self-heal and empower yourself.
Crystals – which crystals can help you at this time and why. Ways to cleanse, charge and use your crystals.
Flower Essences – which flower essences can assist you and why. Includes advice on how to take your essences.
Essential oils- the power of plants – personalised advice on which oils could help you at this time.
Angels & Ascended Masters – which of these are close to you and how to connect to them and powerfully call in their energy to help transform your life.
Receive personalised positive affirmations to use daily.
Lastly, you will receive a channeled message from the Angels. These messages are always positive and uplifting.