Pregnancy Massage

The nine months of pregnancy is a very special time for the mother-to-be and it is a time of great physiological and emotional change. Unfortunately some changes mean the discomfort of backache, aching hips, sciatica, cramp, insomnia and swelling to name but a few. This is where massage can be of great comfort and alleviate some of the more uncomfortable effects of pregnancy.

For women in their second and third trimester, I offer a nurturing full body massage, customised to your personal needs. The treatment can be soothing or deep depending on your preference, focusing on all the areas which need attention. Pregnancy massage is entirely safe and a full medical consultation will be done prior to treatment.

In my experience of massaging pregnant clients, and as a mother myself, the overwhelming response to treatment is of positive joy. Once lying in a comfortable position (during the massage, you will be supported in a side-lying position and draped with towels for your comfort) your breathing will slow down and a deeply relaxed state is induced. This increases natural pain relief in the form of endorphins and reduces stress to the baby. Many emotional changes take place during pregnancy and massage can help with grounding and restoring balance to the mind body spirit system. No matter how far along you are, a massage during pregnancy is sure to keep you and your baby healthy and happy.



If your pregnancy is classed as ‘high risk’, written consent should be obtained from your GP or Midwife. If there is any history of miscarriage or any spotting, massage should be avoided until after the 4th week of the second trimester.

It is best to avoid a large meal prior to your treatment.