According to the saying you eventually get the face you deserve, and it is true that as we grow older our experiences and emotions become habitually locked into our facial expressions. There comes a time in everyone’s life when striving to counteract the effects of ageing becomes a priority. This is when Eastern Facial Massage can be of huge benefit. Imagine an alternative to expensive cosmetic surgery or Botox that effectively acts as a natural facelift, helping you to look (and often feel!) younger.

This unique facial massage incorporates a blend of highly effective techniques drawn from both Indian and Japanese Face Massage. It involves a sequence of deceptively simple massage and acupressure points, which can help combat problem areas such as crow’s feet and laughter lines. With regular treatments, wrinkles and expression lines disappear, skin becomes softer and sagginess and puffiness is reduced.  Facial massage can also leave you feeling calm and relaxed as headaches and other stress-related symptoms melt away. The massage helps free constrictions in the connective tissues and aids circulation and lymphatic drainage. After just one treatment, your skin can glide more smoothly over the deeper layers of muscle and bone. This totally natural, non-invasive treatment can help reverse some of the adverse effects that have already occurred to your skin and facial muscles.

In the East beauty is considered equal to the optimal state of health. Even the most attractively shaped face cannot be beautiful if the person is not well, as health and beauty are not separate. When a person glows with the radiance of true health nothing else is necessary for genuine beauty. The intent of Eastern Facial Massage is to help prolong this natural, true health and beauty to prevent disease. As well as the acupressure work and smoothing and plumping techniques, the treatment also involves some gentle energy (chakra) balancing. This helps to affect the positive flow of energy, or Ki, and enhances the experience of warmth, healing and relaxation.

It is important to remember that this massage is not a ‘quick fix’. The effects are cumulative. When you decide to have regular treatments, it is a commitment to looking and feeling one’s best and to patiently watch the benefits intensify. I recommend a course of treatments once a week for 6-8 weeks for optimum results, however there are no hard and fast rules and you may just want to come for a one-off treatment now and again.

Eastern Facial Massage releases stress and traumas locked deeply into the musculature and energy of the face, head and neck. Our face is often our mask, hiding who we really are, and it takes much energy to maintain this “front”. To experience dropping the mask can be the door to profound relaxation and inner ease.