Clara did a reading for myself and my 2 children. All I can say is wow! What an incredible gift she has. She was so insightful and spookily accurate with all of the information-I was truly blown away! Her insights were amazing. She also gave some very helpful suggestions and recommendations, which I have begun implementing and are showing positive results already. I am so grateful for all of the information that she gave. Thank you so much Clara, we honestly can't thank you enough for your wonderful readings. You have a gift that needs to be shared!



I am completely and utterly in awe of this beautiful soul I have come across. I am absolutely gobsmacked how much the reading resonated and continued to resonate throughout. I have never ever met someone so amazingly accurate and picked up on my energy as much as Clara. I honestly am quite teary and emotional how much you have come through also how much time and energy you have put into this reading for me. I am so pleased my nan also came through to give me guidance and is with me this is so heartwarming and reassuring to hear. I am eternally grateful for the radiant energy you shine through. Your reading has just completely blown me off my feet. The price for the reading as well is absolutely astonishing honestly you should be charging more your amazing and worth every penny! I would happily keep coming to you and refer you to everyone I know. Clara you are a wonderful lady with the most amazing gift. So a heartfelt thankyou to you for your time and energy and wonderful read who has gave me the confidence to shine you are absolutely brilliant ?xx



'Dear Clara, Thank you so much for my reading - I am really pleased with it and it makes perfect sense, particularly the health/nutrition issues. This will definitely give me the push I need to make some positive changes!

You are entirely right in detecting loss as we experienced an early miscarriage last year - I am also amazed by you mentioning St Christopher - my husband (also named Christopher!) always wears St Christopher & St Michael tokens on a chain as he is a police officer. Thank you again, I am looking forward to making changes and trying some of the things you have suggested!'



'I'm still digesting the reading and I can't begin to tell you how apt it all was! So helpful to me. The flood of emotions you mentioned and things bothering me at a lower vibration is spot on. Lots to take away from it and the advisories on the crystals were fab, thank you.

You might be interested to know that the part about 18th/19th century Paris (this was a past-life that came up in the reading) which was very specific is really relatable to me - I'm working on a project for my business start up where I am using antique fabrics from 19th century France. I'm so drawn to it. I've been researching this era in France and Paris in particular. I have written a story about it, which I actually just finished the day before you did the reading! '



'Thank you so much for the reading. It made a lot of sense to me. I put my back out last week and have been in a lot of pain. I have asthma and have been having a lot of stress and anxiety over the past few months. My father passed away suddenly last year. His birthday is in September and when he came to England several years ago, he went to Paris with one of my sisters and went to Runnymede with my other sister. He had a collection of crystal glasses which we have recently received. (September, Paris, Runnymede and crystal glasses all came through in the reading).I would like to arrange for my sister to have a reading as well. Thank you very much for your help. When lockdown restrictions allow, I would like to book to come and see you. '



'Thank you so much for my reading & healing from you. I had a migraine this morning, which I haven't had one for quite some time & was disappointed by this, but so glad that I had booked a treatment with you. I gradually could feel myself relaxing more, a feeling of lightness & a weight being lifted from me. I have recently being feeling a nervous tension around my jaw & could feel that lifting to. By 5pm I felt lighter, some energy had returned & this made me happy. The chakras make perfect sense. I have found your short meditation & will practise that with some rose quartz. I do need to allow some self love & romantic love into my life. Throat chakra, spot on! All you have written is true & I need to not only heal this area, but also protect & look after it going forward. Love the affirmations & will repeat them daily. Love all 3 cards, especially Green Tara. All 3 cards resonate with me, but give me hope for the future & new beginning'



'Thank you for the wonderful reading. I felt a sense of peace and tranquility during my lay down yesterday. I felt tingling sensations around my womb like having a distant massage of some sort. It spread all over my body too. It felt relaxing and at ease. It was a good experience i enjoyed it. I was close to falling asleep in the end. Thank you for the blessing, i really hope it all works out very soon and I get to have a baby. I will get the stones and natural remedies and give them a try. I hope i could come visit you and do few of your treatments to help me relax further, once this lock down is all over. '



I recently visited Clara for my first ever Angelic Reiki experience, I left so delighted with the result that I have returned for further sessions. I have also had reflexology and she is truly gifted. I have had reflexology many times before but nothing like the treatment Clara does. Could not recommend enough, she is such a lovely lady who put me at ease immediately.



'The reading was wonderful. It's provided comfort to know I can call on the angels at any time and I've been doing so. The digestive advice was amazing! Completely right and I've followed up by buying and taking aloe Vera and b vitamins- thank you! I think it's ultimately cemented my beliefs. It's also allowed me to sink in to the work I do more and not question myself- it's brought a sense of calm as I feel supported. Thank you so so much. I always sensed you were fantastic at what you do but you truly are like an angel on earth'



Having enjoyed meeting Clara and seeing how she really shines out as an authentic, caring, spiritual and is genuinely interested in helping others I would recommend any of her services to you since you will be in safe and experienced caring hands with her.

Jacqueline Mary Piper, Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Teacher & Author


Despite understanding how distant Angelic Reiki works, I still felt apprehensive about what benefits I would feel. I soon realised I need not worry, whilst I relaxed to receive the distant Angelic Reiki, I could feel this growing presence around me. It was strong yet comforting. Whilst I laid there meditating, I kept getting visions of the colour green, it would just flash before my eyes. This soon made sense when Clara sent through my reading and explained my heart chakra needed balancing! It still astounds me. She was also able to pick up on previous lives which I was already aware of and connections with family members! The angel card reading couldn't have been more accurate - it gave me insight into my current circumstances and feelings allowing me to open my eyes and see things for what they really are. Whilst this awful pandemic is occurring, I look forward to having more distant healing. Thank you Clara!

GF, Buckinghamshire


My reading was incredibly detailed so it took me a while to absorb all the information.  You really have tuned into some really relevant points for me.  I found the crystal and essential oil recommendations particularly helpful as they both help with skin disorders and clearing the throat and lungs.  I have had an allergic reaction to all my recent vaccinations which resulted in skin rashes and bronchospasms and I am looking forward to trying these remedies to help clear any lingering symptoms. There is so much relevant information there.  You really are spot on in what you have tuned into and how I hold myself back.  You are very talented.  All your suggestions for remedies and ways of moving forward are very easy to incorporate into busy daily life and I can't wait to see what changes they bring. Thank you.


'Thank you so much for my reading. It was pretty much spot on. I will come back to you with a few points which were quite interesting to know especially when the GP tests or hospital tests have come back normal but you picked up on these issues. I'm amazed.'


The only thing I can say it's WOW!
Honestly, I have had a few readings in the past where they even filmed the reading but your messages made me cry from the first paragraphs, I couldn't stop my emotions. It resonates tremendously with how I am feeling and what I am trying to manifest.

Many thanks, no doubt I will be in touch for future readings.



'Thank you so much - truly amazing. Everything you've written feels absolutely spot on. Here's the weird thing - I felt a strong healing energy come through last night! Definitely around the spine and throat! I think you are a truly gifted healer- the energy comes through very strongly.'

Karen, Cambridge


'I had a couple of healing sessions with Clara when I was feeling low and depressed. She is amazing. I felt great and had more clarity after the healing. She is warm and friendly and comfortable to be with. She also gave me an insight and tips after the session. I would definitely recommend her. '



"I had my first ever Angelic Reiki session yesterday with Clara and at first was a bit nervous as didn't know what to expect, but it was fantastic! I left feeling totally elated from all the energy and could feel everything moving during the session! Definitely recommend for anyone needing some extra help. Have already booked myself for another!"

Cheney Parsons, Ruislip


'Wow! I felt healing energy come through very strongly. It was a beautiful relaxing and peaceful warmth. There was a particularly strong focus on the left side, heart, throat and crown chakra.Thank you so much for the reading. Often with distance readings you receive a vague answer that leaves you none the wiser but with your reading I really feel that you have tuned into what I need to know for my highest good right now.I will definitely be following this guidance and taking the essence.You are a very talented healer and guide.'

Karen, Cambridge


"I was going through a very difficult time in 2018 and could not see any light at the end of the tunnel and felt that I had definitely hit rock bottom.  I needed some guidance on how to pick myself up again and so I started researching Reiki therapists and came across Clara and from reading the recommendations booked an appointment with her. From my experience I can truly say this was the best decision i made and do not regret meeting Clara.  She was very welcoming and understanding to my then current state of confusion and heightened anxiety.  She fully explained what was involved in Angelic Reiki and guided me through an Angelic Reiki session.  After a couple of Angelic Reiki sessions with Clara I started to notice a change in my persona and outlook on life and felt rather liberated.  she was spot on in identifying the problem areas and gave me solutions to assist me to overcome these. I then went to see Clara this year just to be sure that I was on the right path and there were no blockages for which I was unaware and she was able to tell straight away just from me entering the room that there was a change in my aura.  I was more than pleased with the Reiki service offered by Clara and would recommend her to anyone wishing to seek some guidance.  I would definitely use Clara again in the future."



"I visited Clara after hearing a woman on TV saying that she had a lot of relief after having a Reiki treatment for tinnitus. My tinnitus wasn't extreme but after a session with Clara it was so much better and at times non-existent; when I do have it now it is much less intrusive. Clara has a warm and relaxing persona and I have had several Reiki sessions with her, always feeling so relaxed afterwards. I look forward to seeing her again."

Elaine Lamm, South Harrow


"The session with Clara has helped me immeasurably. It confirms what I feel and think and it gives me support and guidance when I really need it. I will call on all that has been offered and suggested to me and I am most grateful to Clara and other presences/energies involved."

Client after an Angel Card Reading & Distance Healing session


I have been coming to Clara for Angelic Reiki healing for over a year and would highly recommend her as I always leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Clara is very calming and I always look forward to my sessions with her.

Beccy, Eastcote


I took my daughter to see Clara for a session of Angelic Reiki after she had been struggling a with anxiety, stress and trouble sleeping. She was put at ease as soon as she met Clara and visibly relaxed as soon as the session started, (i've never seen her lie still for that long before). We have now been back a number of times and I have even started to bring my other daughter to help with the many things that Reiki can aid. Both girls love going! Thank you so much and thank you for the Bach remedy mixes and crystal recommendations!

Liz Chandler