Psychic & Spiritual Guidance Reading £55

Email me to book and pay first via bank transfer or PayPal

You will receive a typed up reading over email to keep. 

You can send me a recent photo of yourself if you wish. I will do the reading by tuning into your energy field. I work with my higher self, Angels and Guide team along with loved ones in the spirit world. I spend time meditating and receiving information, images, words and feelings.

You can ask me a question or I can do a general life overview. My aim is to always be positive and uplifting. I am shown any blocks you may be facing or feeling at the moment and the Angels and higher beings will help to offer advice and ways in which you can move forward.

I will include channelled information, such as names of crystals and natural remedies that will assist you on your life journey as well as positive messages from the Angels.

Receive unique guidance and ways to empower your energy for radiant health and wellbeing. Unlock your secret laws of power! I will tune in and connect to your energy field to see where there may be blocks. I will channel unique information and guidance regarding your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The state of your mind and the state of your health are inextricably connected. Receive your completely holistic, personalised reading as follows - Chakras - which of your chakras are unbalanced and why. Ways to balance these. Your entire energy field is more than just your chakras. Healing can occur on a deep cellular level. I will psychically scan any blocks in your energy field/aura and provide you with my impressions and ways to self-heal and empower yourself. Crystals - which crystals can help you at this time and why. Ways to cleanse, charge and use your crystals. Flower Essences - which flower essences can assist you and why. Includes advice on how to take your essences. Essential oils- the power of plants - personalised advice on which oils could help you at this time. Angels & Ascended Masters - which of these are close to you and how to connect to them and powerfully call in their energy to help transform your life. Receive personalised positive affirmations to use daily. Lastly, you will receive a channelled message from the Angels. These messages are always positive and uplifting.

Image - Seraphinne's Dream Photography- Sandra Matei

About Me - Clara Hutchinson 

Angelic Practitioner/Angelic Medium/Reiki Master/Teacher/Angelic Reiki Practitioner

I started to develop and understand my psychic skills in later years. As a child the spirit realms always held a fascination for me and I purchased some tarot cards when I was a teenager. I used to burn incense in my room and do readings for friends and family, but I never really thought that I possessed these skills myself. I have a very distinct memory one day of looking deep into at my eyes in the mirror and it was a revelation, that I wasn't just my physical body. I knew that my soul was eternal and that no matter what happened to me, my soul was strong and could never be harmed. That feeling has always stayed with me to comfort and give me faith in day to day life.

In my late twenties I trained as a Massage Therapist and it was then that I became interested in Reiki healing. This led to being qualified in Usui Reiki Angelic Reiki to Master/Teacher level. I also worked at Hay House publishers (the Mind, Body, Spirit publishers) and although I was surrounded by spiritual books and Angel cards, I still hadn't personally connected with the Angels yet.


It was a profound and life-changing experience for me when I had my Angelic Reiki attunements. I have always been sensitive to energy and I could really feel the difference when I experienced connecting with the Angelic realms. Connecting to Angels and channeling healing for others opened up my psychic abilities even more. I discovered that I could tune in even more to to how people were feeling, that I could pick up on what was wrong with them (physically, mentally and emotionally -  because it is all connected) and I was also given names of natural remedies, crystals and flower esssences etc to help them on their healing journey. The names of Angels, Ascended Masters, galactic beings etc also come to me. This opened up a whole other dimension to my work, that I am so excited and proud about and continue to follow. I have since developed my skills by taking some wonderful classes by truly gifted and inspirational psychic and spiritual teachers.

Aligning with high vibrational energies and channelling healing and readings is my soul calling. My mission is to help and empower as many people as possible who feel drawn to the way I work. It is an absolute joy and a pleasure to do this. My readings may reveal blocks that you can work through but they are always filled with positivity, encouragement and healing messages. I look forward to reading for you soon.


'I cannot recommend Clara highly enough. She is an empathic and intuitive healer who also works very professionally. I have had numerous sessions of Reiki with Clara and also a recent psychic reading which gave great comfort and guidance ? If you are thinking of booking with Clara please do as you won't regret it.' Tamsin